10 Pack Abs for Men: Is It Possible?

10 pack abs

It is possible to have 10 pack abs, you may think. What does it look like to have 10 pack abs?

People are still trying to get 6-8 pack abs. How can they reach a goal of one pack abs? The guys have worked hard to get 4,6 and 8 pack abs. Now they want to know how they will achieve ten pack abs.

Is it possible to have 10 pack abs?

You may think that 10 pack abs are fake. But, did you know how 10 pack abs men look? Shahrukh Khan and Muhammad Ali, also known as Mr. 10 Pack Ab, had 10 packs of abs while filming Happy new Year.

The question is, is the 10 pack real or a hoax?

Let’s now see how our abdominal muscles look and function.

The Abdominal Muscles Explained

The abdominal muscles are found between the pelvis and ribs at the front of the body. There are four muscle groups that make up our abdominal area. These muscles were developed to create the defined abdominal area.

Transversus Abdominis

This is the most deep muscle layer. It is responsible for stabilizing the core and maintaining internal abdominal pressure. It is also helpful in strengthening the back, pelvis and lumbar region.

Rectus Abdominis

This muscle is the most important because it has the distinctive bumps, which are also known as six pack abs. This muscle primarily serves to move the body from the ribcage to the pelvis muscle.

External Oblique

They are located on either side of the rectus abdominalis. This muscle allows the trunk and torso to turn, but it contracts to the opposite side of any external oblique.

Internal Oblique

They are located inside the hipbones, and flank the rectus abdiminis. The internal oblique muscle works in the opposite direction to the external.


How to get ten pack abs

It’s almost impossible to achieve 10 pack abs unless you have these genetics. Each of us has a set number of muscle bands at the rectus abdominis. Each band can have 2 muscles, or 2 packs. Normal people have four packs, with the most common being a 6 pack. It is impossible to have 10 packs abs if you don’t have 5 bands.

Are Ten Pack Abs Possible

If you’re looking to get a ten-pack, even if you do endless crunches, it’s not possible. It doesn’t matter what diet or workout plan you follow, it is impossible for you to achieve ten-pack abs unless you have five muscle bands or undergo cosmetic surgery.

If you have a strong abdominal region and well-developed 6 pack abs, you can make your 6 pack look like a 10 pack. To make your 6 pack abs pop, you will need to reduce your body fat percentage to 6-7%. Also, work on your abdominal muscles.

Is there a 10-pack abs workout?

Many people boast about their 10 pack. We believe that even if you do lose weight or exercise, it won’t give you 10 pack abs. You can achieve six pack abs if you work hard. It will be cooler than 10 pack abs.

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