The Best African Beads for Your Waist

african waist beads

What are waist bead?

A traditional African accessory, waist beads are small beads made of glass and attached to a wire or string that is worn around the hips or waist. You can find them in many different shapes and colors. They may also have charms, crystals, and decorative stones.

Women in many West African cultures have worn waist beads for centuries. They have gained popularity in recent years among West African women. They are also known as beaded waist chains, belly beads or waistline beads.

Waist beads are symbols of femininity, fertility and sensuality in West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Senegal. Women use waist beads today in both Africa, the United States, and for practical and aesthetic reasons.

We will discuss the many reasons that waist beads are still a very popular accessory for women all over the world and how to find the right beads for you.

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