Causes of Pain in the Mouth When Running: What to Do

why do my teeth hurt when i run

Do you run or do you exercise?

Spring is a time when runners, cyclists and other outdoor exercise enthusiasts look forward to getting more active. Both running and cycling continue to gain popularity. Both of these activities are excellent for cardiovascular and other physical health, but there are many more.

It is important to pay attention and listen to your body when you exercise. Is your body in pain? Are you experiencing any unexpected problems or difficulties? Are you feeling uncomfortable? These are often warning signs that there may be more serious issues.

What do Teeth and Exercise-Related pain have in common?

You might respond with the thought: This makes sense. But why is your Philadelphia dental and hair replacement expert telling me this? What does a dentist have to say about exercise and other physical warning signs like toothache or hair fall?

It is not unusual for people to experience tooth pain while running. People can also feel tooth and gum pain when they exercise.

Running or exercising can cause tooth or gum pain. There are two main causes. Both of these conditions are serious and should be addressed by a dentist. These are either infection of the gums or teeth, or trauma to the jaw or teeth.

Maxofaciall Pain Caused by Infection and Clenching

Many conditions can be considered infected. They include cavities. Cavities are caused by bacteria. This bacteria can eat away at our teeth and eventually impact the gums. Inflammation can also be caused by bacteria in the root of a tooth. Running or other exercise can increase blood flow. If an existing problem is aggravated by increased blood flow, inflammation may occur in the teeth and gums.

Teeth-gritting and jaw clenching could also be a cause of pain. We often grind our teeth or clench the jaws when we exert our muscles in any way. It is possible to do one or both of these things while running, exercising, or doing any other activity. Too hard of a grip on our teeth can lead to pain in our jaw joints, jawbones and mouths. If we keep our teeth apart when running, teeth can become too close together due to the impact of our feet hitting the ground. Depending on the state of your gums and teeth, severe tooth pain can cause hair loss.

Exercise can be difficult due to extreme temperatures, particularly if there is an infection.

You should see your Philadelphia maxillofacial and dental expert immediately if you experience such pain in the mouth.

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why do my teeth hurt when i run

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