How To Fix An Overbite Without Braces: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to fix overbite

The majority of people have an overbite, which can range from mild to severe. Overbite occurs when the top front teeth are overlapping the bottom front teeth. Braces or surgery may be required for severe overbite. Braces are not required for some cases of severe overbite. However, orthodontics has made it possible to correct the problem.

How to Correct Overbite

You can avoid more serious problems by correcting an overbite right away.

Charles Sutera DMD, a cosmetic dentist tells WebMD Connect To Care that an overbite is only a concern if it is out of the ideal range. The overbite can cause jaw problems if it is too deep. This is because the front teeth have a very tight tolerance for function. The teeth must be able to slide in a deep way, which puts undue pressure on the muscles and temporomandibular joints.

A mild overbite should not be a concern. According to the Journal of Dentistry’s 2015 article, severe or “deep” overbite if left untreated can lead:

  • Probleme with the support structures for the teeth
  • Stress and wear on teeth
  • Chewing problems
  • Trauma to the roof

There are many treatment options that can be used to correct an overbite, depending on how severe it is. There are many options available to correct an overbite.

  • Braces
  • Surgery
  • Aligners invisible

How invisible aligners work

Invisible aligners can be used to correct an overbite. Invisible aligners are a great way to correct dental problems. They can be both visually appealing and effective. These aligners are usually prescribed for mild to moderate alignment problems. However, an experienced online provider or dentist will be able tell you if they are right for you.

Clear aligners, which can be used to correct an overbite, are able to achieve the ideal measurement. A vertical force applied to the tooth can increase or decrease an overbite. An intrusion force pushes the teeth into the gums, while an extrusion force pulls the tooth in the opposite direction. The overbite can also be altered by extrusion and intrusion of the front teeth,” Sutera states.

Your dentist, orthodontist or online aligner provider will create a mold of your teeth to prepare you for the invisible aligner treatment. They’ll make a series of aligner trays using the mold. Each aligner gently pushes the teeth into the desired position.

The aligners will be worn for approximately 22 hours per day. Depending on the case, the treatment time can range from 8 months to several years. The aligners will be removed only when you eat or brush your teeth.

Get started today on your journey to a more confident smile!

Straightening your teeth is easy and inexpensive. Learn how to start straightening your teeth today. WebMD Connect to Care Advisors can be reached at any time.

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