The Ultimate Guide to Keto Beef Jerky: How To Make Your Own At Home

is beef jerky keto


Yes, the answer is yes, but there are a few conditions:

  1. The jerky should contain 0g carbohydrates or 0g sugar.
  2. Pair keto-friendly jerky and high-fat foods to achieve perfect keto.

Let’s dive a little deeper.

There are many beef jerky options, and not all products are keto. You should always read the nutrition label and ingredient list to make sure there are no sugars or carbohydrates. You can make the perfect keto snack by pairing keto-friendly jerky with high-fat foods.

An easy look at national jerky brands reveals a wide range of sugar and carb counts. Some jerky brands have up to 10g of carbs per serve, which is nearly half the daily allowance for ketogenic dieters!

What is the Keto Diet?

The essence of the matter is that“Keto diet”It is based on the idea that your body can be optimized to burn fat instead of sugar (via carbs). Common diets focus on carbohydrates. They are the easiest to convert into energy but can be converted to fat if not used.

The Keto diet, on the other hand, suggests that your body will burn stored fat to obtain an alternative energy source. Your body will eventually reach a metabolic state when it burns stored fat.“Ketosis”The name comes from the fact that your body releases ketones, which enter your bloodstream instead of insulin from glucose-rich food like carbs and provide energy for your body and brain. The Keto diet can also be known as the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet.

The diet’s advocates claim weight loss, better energy and focus. Before making significant changes to your diet, consult your nutritionist or dietitian.


The keto diet would mean that snacking is not necessary. The ketogenic diet is well-known for controlling blood sugar levels and preventing cravings. You will feel fuller for longer due to the high fat content. You can also eat until you feel full because calories are not restricted.

Meal prepping is a great way to ensure success on the keto diet and to stay compliant. We don’t live in perfect worlds, but let’s face it.

You may face obstacles in reaching your keto goals due to family, travel, children, random cravings, and a hectic work schedule. Keto beef jerky is your solution.

For an on-the-go solutionKeep keto-friendly jerky handy. Keep some on hand for your gym bag, purse, glove compartment, or desk at work.

Jerky is a shelf stable snack that doesn’t require refrigeration or special handling. You can store it in a dry, cool place. The shelf life of most jerky is one year, so it’s a great choice for keto snacks. Many jerky snacks are smaller and resealable, making it easy to store, open, and enjoy.

How much jerky can you eat on keto? You should remember that excessive snacking can slow down weight loss. However, jerky can be great as a quick, carb-free snack if you are really struggling. To make it keto, you can combine it with high-fat foods.

Cooking can seem overwhelmingUse zero-carb beef Jerky to make a keto-friendly recipe. It requires almost no preparation. Low-fat jerky is a drawback for those following the keto diet. It’s a great source of protein and low in sugar and carbs. This allows the jerky to stay fresher for longer periods of time without spoiling and adds very little fat to your diet. You can create the perfect keto meal or snack by simply adding high-fat foods.

What does a Keto snack look and feel like?

Keto dieters seek a healthy diet.High in fat and moderate in protein. Low in carbohydrates.It’s all about practice.dem macrosControlling what you eat is key!

What does this diet look like on a daily basis? According to this Keto Diet calculator, as a 75kg dad who tries to exercise most days, I should be eating approximately 2,300 calories per day. This would be a combination of 188g of fat, 112g protein, and 28g carbs. The vast majority of energy comes from fat.

Keto-friendly snacks have high levels of fat and little carbs. These are some examples of Keto snacks:

  • Avocados (so, unfortunately, no house if you’re an Australian millennial)
    Pair KOOEE with almonds! jerky. (Source:
  • Nuts and nuts butters
  • High quality cheese
  • Sardines
  • Veggie sticks are low in carbs and protein, but they do contain some fat and protein.
  • You guessed it!beef jerkySometimes, but not always!

Beef jerky is a good choice for Keto snacks as it is high in protein, and low in carbs. Because jerky is usually made from lean cuts of beef, such as topside, jerky does not contain a lot of fat.

Pairing it with nuts and cheese can help you get more fats while snacking on jerky. We recommend jerky that is made only with 100% grass-fed beef and other high-quality, natural ingredients. Avoid artificial preservatives and sugars. Keep it natural!


How do Keto beef jerky brands compare?

We have tested a variety of local jerky brands as well as two major jerky brands to compare their Keto diets.


Jack Links are not manufactured in Australia. However, they can be found in almost every Australian store that sells beefjerky.

Jack Links, Original flavour (50g).

Serving size: 25g

Quantity per Serving (25g). Quantity per 100g
Energie 300kJ 1200kJ
Protein 11g 44g
Fat – Total 1g 3g
– Saturated 1g 1.2g
Carbohydrates – Total 5g 20g
Sugars 5g 20g
Sodium 445mg 1780mg

Although we couldn’t find their entire ingredient list on their website, Woolworths Online does.

Ingredient List:

Beef. Water, Sugar, Soy Sauce. (Water, Wheat. Soy Beans. Salt). Corn Syrup Solids. Flavourings. Hydrolyzed Corn Gluten. Dextrose. Flavour Enhancer. (Monosodium glutamate). Preservative. (Sodium Nitrite). Smoke Flavour.

Keto Score: 3./10. This jerky product is high in protein but low in fat (20%) This is not a “keto beefjerky”, sorry Jack.



The Australian brand “Local Legends” is a popular jerky brand.

Local Legends, Original (75g).

Serving size: 25g

Quantity per Serving (25g). Quantity per 100g
Energie 285kJ 1140kJ
Protein 10.7g 42.8g
Fat – Total 0.5g 2.0g
– Saturated 0.2g 0.7g
Carbohydrates – Total 5.0g 20.1g
– Sugars 3.8g 15.3g
Sodium 450mg 1800mg

Ingredient List:

Beef and Sugar, Dextrose, Maltodextrin; Salt, Soy Protein; Vegetable Powders, Spices. Flavour, Acidity Regulator (331), Vegetable Oils, Antioxidant (3316), Spice Extracts. Preservative (250).

Keto Score: 3./10. This beef jerky, like Jack Links is high in protein and low in fat. It also contains a high amount of carbs (20%) which is a good thing for jerky products. Local Legends scores the exact same as Jack Links in macros. We believe there are better options for keto beef jerky.



These men make great products in Byron using grass-fed beef.


Byron Jerky, “Chargrill” (40g)

Serving size: 40g

Quantity per Serving (40g). Quantity per 100g
Energie 512kJ 1280kJ
Protein 20.3g 50.8g
Fat – Total 3.5g 8.7g
– Saturated 1.3g 3.2g
Carbohydrates – Total 2.0g 5.0g
– Sugars 1.7g 4.3g
Sodium 860mg 2150mg

Ingredient List:

Lean Grassfed beef, Salt and Vinegar. Worcestershire sauce, Teriyaki sauce. Soy sauce. Sugar. Natural wood smoke. Herbs.

Keto Score: 8/10. This jerky is more keto-friendly than the other mainstream brands. It has a higher protein content, a higher fat percentage, and a lower carb count. Good quality keto beefjerky.



This Queensland-based company has been in business for some time and is a reliable jerky producer. Here’s an earlier review of their jerky which you can find here.

Jim’s Jerky (40g),

Serving size: 40g

Quantity per Serving (40g). Quantity per 100g
Energie 714kJ 1430kJ
Protein 28.5g 57g
Fat – Total 4.9g 9.9g
– Saturated 3.6g 1.8g
Carbohydrates – Total 2.7g 5.3g
Sugars 2.6g 5.1g
Sodium 1180mg 2370mg

Ingredient List:

Beef. Sugar, salt, Beef Booster. Coriander. Vegetable Protein Extract (Maize). Worcestershire sauce. Kwikurit. Brown Vinegar. Spices.

Keto Score: 8/10. Jim’s Jerky could have gotten a 9/10 without some of the less desirable ingredients. From a Keto perspective, it’s a solid keto beefjerky.


How does KOOEE! stack up? How does KOOEE! stack up?

We have discovered that keto beef jerky is very popular in Australia. Here are the reasons.

KOOEE! “Classic Sea Salt” (30g)

Serving size: 30g

Quantity per Serving (30g) Quantity per 100g
Energie 405kJ 1350kJ
Protein 14.8g 49.3g
Fat – Total 2.9g 9.8g
– Saturated 1.2g 4.1g
Carbohydrates – Total 2.7g 9.0g
– Sugars 2.7g 8.9g
Sodium 660mg 2200mg

Ingredient List:

Grassfed Beef (80%), Coconut Aminos, Coconut Tree Sap, Sea Salt), Apple Cider Vinegar (Sea Salt, Sea Salt), Sea Salt, Black Pepper.

We’re both high in protein like Byron Jerky. KOOEE! is more fat. KOOEE! KOOEE! is slightly more carbohydrate than Byron jerky due to the “paleo friendly” coconut aminos marinade that we use in our marinade.Soy-freeThis jerky is unlike any other brands.

We are proud to say that our jerky is still the best. KOOEE! KOOEE!honest, natural ingredients. If you already care about the food you eat, it’s not just the macros that matter – it is theQualityThese macros can also be used.

KOOEE! has 2.7g of carbs per serve. KOOEE! is a low-carb snack that still contains adequate fat and protein. It would be great for any Keto diet. You can pair it with a slice of cheese (manchego my favorite), some almonds, and you have the perfect snack to fuel your morning hike or power through that 3pm meeting at work. You can.

We have keto beef jerky for you if you suddenly feel hungry after reading this article. Grab some of our beef jerky here at our shop.


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