Keto Chow: What Is It? How Does It Taste? And is it worth trying?

keto chow side effects
keto chow side effects

One thing we can confidently tell you about a keto-friendly diet is that you’re on it. And you want to stay into ketosis all the time.

Is it correct?

Okay, let’s find out one more fact about you.

You are finding it difficult to stay into ketosis.

We have something for you if that is the case.

This Keto Chow review might help you find the best way to stay ketosis-free for longer and possibly even forever.

What is Keto Chow?

Keto Chow is the only way for keto dieters like us to remain in ketosis. Keto enthusiasts are constantly looking for meal replacements that will keep them in ketosis. It’s like at work, at home, or in your everyday life.

It is possible for your busy life to interfere with your keto lifestyle.

These are just some of the many instances in which our busy lives have impeded our progress towards a healthy body and mind.

Here is where Keto Chow can help.

It has been formulated with an intention to provide a perfect meal replacement for keto dieters. It claims to provide complete nutrition and can be used in place of regular keto meals.

Keto Chow can be described as a powdered mix of drink mixes. When combined with heavy cream, MCT oils, and water, it creates a nutritious keto meal replacement. This powder contains flavor proteins, fibers and vitamins as well as electrolytes.

It sounds great!

You can live on it for a long time without worrying about cooking special keto meals.

Let’s get started if this has you excited. Let’s get started with the Keto Chow review. I will give you some insight into its pros and cons.

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Pros of Ketochow:

  • Each portion provides 1/3 of your daily nutritional needs
  • This product is designed to support the keto diet
  • Ketosis stimulation
  • Filled with electrolytes
  • High in vitamins, minerals, and proteins
  • You can choose from many delicious flavors

Cons of Keto Chow

  • Contains no fats
  • Some flavors may not be your favorite.

Customer Reviews:

“For me, Keto Chow makes my keto diet sustainable. You must avoid the ‘keto flu’, which is not only important for providing vitamins and minerals but also prevent you from getting too many of them. It is also balanced nutritionally to ensure you are hitting your macros, and not getting too many of any one item.

It smelled almost like perfume when I first received it. It is definitely not appealing.

We get that you need a meal substitute because your schedule is too hectic.

Let’s get to the point and let’s continue this Keto Chow review by looking at its ingredients.

Keep reading…

What are the Ingredients in Keto Chow?

You know that the keto lifestyle is about eating a lot of fat, moderate amounts of protein, and low amounts of carbohydrates.

Keto Chow is a great meal substitute because it provides a balanced amount of carbohydrates and proteins.6.5g carbs, 25.8g proteins).

We liked that the serving size provided 1/3 of your daily requirements of vitamins and electrolytes.

Keto Chow can be used as a substitute for any of the three meals you eat each day to provide you with all the nutrition you need.

We feel that Keto Chow is lacking in fats, which is what a keto diet requires.

We realized that it could be a positive.

This means that meal replacements made without fat might offer some additional benefits. In the second section of this Keto Chow review, we will discuss that.

Let’s now focus on the ingredients and see what the label says about the nutrition in Keto Chow


Keto Chow Nutrition is a leader in protein intake. It’s rich in proteins. This is what the keto diet requires.

The rich protein content of this meal replacement would ensure your body receives the nutrients needed to repair and heal itself after workout sessions.

If you want to lose weight quicker or increase muscle mass with your keto diet, then you’re in the right place!

Additionally, proteins would also help you avoid some common side effect of a keto diet like weakness, and lethargy.


When you are on a keto diet, electrolytes hold a special place. A keto diet can change how your body processes nutrients.

It seeks to replace carbs as a source for energy with fats. This causes a variety of changes in your body functions, which can lead to you losing essential electrolytes such as sodium, calcium and magnesium. It also contains selenium and vanadium as well as zinc and magnesium.

They can also be called minerals.

These minerals can lead to severe symptoms, which could make it difficult to lose weight. Keto Chow is different!

In this Keto Chow review, we will show you that this meal replacement has a high level of minerals. This would prevent you from experiencing symptoms caused by a lack of these minerals. You’d get an extra boost of energy and help you fight the keto flu.


Vitamins are as essential as the minerals for optimum functioning of your body. You have made a conscious decision to be healthier and ensure your body has the necessary vitamins.

Keto Chow may be the right choice for you. It is a balanced and nutritionally dense meal replacement that you can trust during a keto diet. It also contains vitamin K and vitamin D in smaller quantities.

Okay… Okay… We promised you that we would discuss fat content later. We are sure you are worried about how a low-fat meal substitute can benefit your keto diet. Let’s talk.

You can find all the answers you need in this Keto Chow review.

Keto Chow’s FAQ & Bonus Tips

Why is ‘No-Fat Good’?

We understand what you’re thinking: A keto supplement with no fats?

All of your concerns are valid. The high-fat diet that the keto diet recommends is what makes it so unique. Let’s think about it differently.

Different people have different caloric needs. Not everyone can follow the same food plan.

Many keto supplements don’t take into account the different needs of keto dieters for fats and nutrients.

This is why they limit your weight loss.

Keto Chow was designed to be adapted to your individual needs. You can mix it with any fat source you prefer.

While heavy cream is usually recommended for keto dieters to help them get into ketosis faster, you can also choose other sources like MCT oils.

You can modify the way that Keto Chow is prepared depending on your goals. You can add heavy cream to your Keto Chow to reduce calories. And if your goal is to go the Arnold way and add more calories, you can use MCTs or other fatty foods like avocado oil.

It all comes down to you. Keto Chow is a great meal substitute. You can adjust the amount of fat in your meals to suit your needs and add healthy fats to your dishes.

How many calories are in Keto Chow?

Keto Chow has only 128 calories per serving. It can be combined with half a cup heavy cream to make 535 calories.

Add one-fourth cup avocado oil to each serving if you are looking to increase your fat intake. This will bring the total calorie count to 610

If avocado oil or heavy cream are added to keto Chow, the ingredient label will provide information about its nutritional content.

Simply look at the label to decide what you want to put in each meal. This will depend on how much fat and calories you prefer.

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What about carbs?

Although the Keto Chow does contain carbohydrates, it is so minimal that it won’t impact your keto diet.

Each serving contains 8.27 grams of total carbs of which 6.73 grams are dietary fibers leaving just 1.53 grams of net carbs.

The higher amount of dietary fibers would help to ease digestive troubles like constipation and bloating and also control your cravings and appetite.

Keto Chow has a higher ratio of net carbs to total carbs than any other keto supplement.

This suggests that the supplement will ensure your body doesn’t receive too many sugars to enable your body to use fats for energy faster.

This is how Keto Chow could stimulate ketosis!

What does Keto Chow taste like?

Because Keto Chow is available in many flavours, we can’t really describe how it tastes.

We’ve already tried chocolate, mocha, orange cream and raspberry cheesecakes, but there are many more to try. The only thing we can say is that all the flavors we have tried are good.

For the past 6 months, we have been using the same six flavors in rotation. I haven’t felt the need for any other flavor.

You can try other flavors if you wish. We are confident you won’t be disappointed. After taking a look at our Keto Chow taste review, we can confirm this.


How to Use Keto Chow

This is an important aspect of our Keto Chow review we don’t want to leave out. Keto Chow can be used as a meal substitute, but it’s not something you can just open and eat.

It is important to plan ahead!

You will need to mix your favorite high-fat source with one scoop of Keto Chow powder from the previous night for your morning breakfast. To mix the ingredients, you can use a blender. To aid in the mixture, you can add some water.

You can chill your keto meal in the fridge and eat it as a breakfast the next morning. It tastes better as it ages. It will also thicken like a milkshake if you consume it later.

You can also prepare the blend ahead of time and keep it in the fridge for later use. You can also make your lunch earlier in the night and bring it with you to work.

Is Keto Chow really effective?

We tried it and we are convinced that Keto Chow is effective in many ways.

It delivers on its promise to provide a quick and convenient meal replacement. It will allow busy keto-dieters like yourself to maintain ketosis while still getting balanced nutrition.

It also allows you to choose how many calories or fats your meals should have. You can change the ingredients you add to your meals based on your goals.

It also contains a lot of essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins that can support your body’s functions without the negative side effects of a ketogenic diet.


Keto Chow is a healthy, balanced meal replacement that can be used in conjunction with your keto diet. It’s packed with vitamins, electrolytes and energy-giving nutrients.

You can quickly and easily create a keto food plan by using this tool.

It comes in a variety of different flavors, which is even more exciting. You will never get bored with it because you have so many different flavors.

This Keto Chow review should have helped you to find the best way for ketosis. If you are seriously looking for a delicious keto supplement that can provide well-balanced meals on the go and make your life a lot easier, Keto Chow would definitely be worth a try.

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