Keto krate review – What’s inside the box?

keto krate

Are you looking for keto-friendly treats to satisfy your daily hunger pangs? Keto Krate is a monthly subscription service that delivers delicious keto-friendly snacks to your home.

This article is a Keto Krate review. We will be looking at what snacks are included in the Keto Krate boxes. These snacks will be evaluated for keto-friendlyness and added value to your keto meal plan.



Keto Krate, a food subscription service, consists of a box containing 8-9 varieties of high-fat and low-carb snacks. Each month, the snack-packed boxes are delivered at your door.

All snacks included in a Keto Krate box are:

  • Gluten-free
  • Maltitol-free
  • Aspartame-free
  • Sucralose and soy conscious
  • Only 5g net carbs per serving or less

These snacks will satisfy your hunger pangs with low-carb options.

A Keto Krate box also includes the following goodies:

  • A recipe card to make a keto-friendly dish
  • Get discount codes for keto-friendly snacks
  • Motivational success story about the keto diet

Subscribers will not get bored of the same snacks and add-ons each month.

You can also sign up for a subscription to the Members Club. You’ll have digital access to all the discount codes, success stories and recipes through the club.


Two types of subscription plans are available at Keto Krate:

  • NibblerThis plan is suitable for moderate snack-eaters. Each month, you will get at least four snacks. Monthly cost is $19.99
  • MuncherThis is a larger Keto Krate that contains eight snacks or more. A subscription costs $39.99 per Month.

You can either purchase the plan for yourself or gift it to a friend.

Free shipping is offered to the USA, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii. The company also ships to Canada for $8.99 for Nibbler and $10.99 respectively.

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