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Innovation is the key to success in most industries.

Companies and industries that fail to innovate and bring new technologies to the market are eventually left behind. Blockbuster, for example, failed to recognize Netflix and other streaming services were a threat. This would eventually cost them everything. The last Blockbuster is still available in Bend, Oregon.

Blockbuster’s unfortunate loss did not affect the company or its employees. However, failure to invent can have a greater impact on certain industries.

Innovation is key in the healthcare industry, not only for those companies but also for their patients and customers.

We are focusing today on the latest innovations and technologies in the diabetes care industry. Two reasons are why innovation in this sector of the healthcare industry matters.

To keep diabetes safe, technology must continue to improve. This technology must also be improved in ways that make diabetes care easier and more enjoyable for people living with it.

These are the 4 diabetes technology solutions for 2021.


Insulet’s Omnipod Horizon

2021 will be the year that a commercial version a closed loop system with a patch-pump is released. Insulet’s Omnipod Horizon, which is a limited-edition product, will likely be launched before 2021 ends. But, the trial will be a key factor in getting this innovative technology on track for a full commercial launch by 2021.

After several years of seeing various versions of Omnipods from Insulet, an insulin patch company, it seems that we’ll soon see their full-scale version. The company also indicated the possibility of an mobile phone app with the new product.

2021 Update: Omnipod worked last year to upgrade the Omnipod Horizon, and the Omnipod 5. The Omnipod 5 will offer more apps control and improved dosing.

Xeris Glucagon Pen – Gvoke HypoPen

Talk about revolutionary technology. Xeris, a Chicago company, was approved by the FDA in 2019. It will be the first liquid glucagon emergency pen that is ready to use. It will not only be used for allergies, but also for diabetic emergencies.

Gvoke HypoPen’s two-step operation is simple. Simply take the cap off and press down for 5 seconds on your skin. (The window on the device will turn a red to notify you when the glucagon has been successfully used). This is one of the most anticipated technologies in the healthcare sector.

Pops Diabetes Care’s Rebel + Mina

Pops Diabetes Care identified a need for a digital diabetes care system that is easy to use and carry. Rebel was created. The integrated virtual care system allows people with diabetes to take control of their lives.

Pops seamlessly integrates the traditional test kits into one meter, which connects to the smartphone of the user. This makes Rebel simple to use, and it also makes carrying a glucosemeter much easier. Pops has simplified the process of testing and made it easy to do so while on the go.

Rebel can’t do it all. Mina, the virtual coach included with the meter will help the user keep track of their sugar testing. Mina will also encourage users to become more active and ask questions in order to get to understand them.

Rebel + Mina represents a truly innovative development in the diabetes industry.

Afrezza Bluetooth Connectivity

Mannkind Corp., which is the manufacturer of the Afrezza insulin solution for inhalation, is close to launching an adapter that can be used with the product’s Bluetooth connectivity.

BlueHale Pro will allow you to monitor your inhalation technique. This will allow doctors to monitor how effective Bluehale Pro is for patients, and provide suggestions to improve Afrezza use.

The device also shows the user how well they are using it. A green light will flash if insulin has been properly inhaled and a red if it hasn’t.

Dexcom G7 Continuously Glucose Monitoring Device

The Dexcom G6 CGM monitor changed everything when it came to glucose monitoring. Easy-to-place sensors and technological capabilities made diabetes management much easier. They have made significant improvements to the Dexcom G6. The G7 will come to market with tons more improvements and enhancements to make it easier to manage diabetes.

What’s the complete re-design what’s new?

  • The sensor is almost invisible under your clothes and is more than half the size as the original G6.
  • Their smaller production capacity has allowed them to fully automate and produce higher volumes of product without increasing their cost.
  • The new transmitters and sensors will be completely disposable.
  • They are working to reduce the wear time by reducing it from 10 days to just two weeks.
  • While all Bluetooth and app capabilities will be the same, a few new features will provide users with an enhanced experience.

The G7 launched in 2020 but was halted by the pandemic. However, clinical trials have begun again and the G7 may be on the market in 2021. Full distribution will follow in 2022.

Bigfoot Unity Smart Insulin Pen

Let’s move on from glucose monitoring and automated insulin management to talk about the future for MDI patients. While there are many insulin pen options available, the Bigfoot Unity Smart Pen should be your first choice.

After more than 9 months of reviewing, Bigfoot Unity has been approved by FDA. This means that they now have a wide market to bring their product to market in the next year. What is it that makes this smart insulin pen so unique?

Bigfoot BIOMEDICAL is an innovative startup from California that is changing the face of diabetes management. This tool will allow people who require different insulin therapies, such as long-term vs short-term and multiple daily insulin doses, to be able to access the insulin they need. The pen can be used with most diabetes management apps, including the Abbott Libre. The best thing about this pen is the small LED screen that shows alerts and dosage suggestions on the pen. Users don’t even need to open their phone app to see them.

These are the basic principles of the system:

  • Different colored caps will display the long-term and short term insulins: black for long-acting doses, (basal), and white for quick-acting doses, (bolus).
  • This product is for type 1 and type 2 diabetics.
  • You can customize meal notifications to adjust to your user’s dose schedules to tell them to eat small, medium or large meals. It’s genius!
  • The pen’s cap doubles as a battery and can be charged for up to several weeks.
  • All data stored in the pan cap can be viewed via an application on a smartphone. The pens’ cap displays glucose readings and low glucose alerts as well as other data.

Bigfoot also integrates subscriptions into its business model. People with diabetes will be able to have a monthly subscription that includes everything they need, provided they get a prescription from their doctor. While insulin can still be purchased from a pharmacy through the doctor, everything else they need will be included in the monthly box. This includes pen supplies, alcohol wipes and lancets.

We can say goodbye to complicated diabetes management as major technological advances in healthcare are made. Diabetes care is now available anywhere and anytime. People with diabetes can regain their lives.

We’d love to hear from you if there are any diabetes technology innovations that we have missed in the comments.

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