New England Fat Loss: The Best Weight Loss Program for Individual Success

new england fat loss cost
new england fat loss cost

The New England Fat Loss metabolic weight loss centers, located in Massachusetts with six centers will work from the inside-out to remove the underlying interferences with your metabolism, according to its official website,

This will help you achieve the right balance.

Your body is capable of naturally healing itself. However, many diet plans, according to the program, can be very difficult to maintain weight loss. The New England Fat Loss Center will tailor specific recommendations to each client’s needs and expectations.


How much does New England Fat loss cost?

Although the cost of the program is not listed on the website, it does include a consultation where you can discuss your medical history, lifestyle choices, and eating habits. Their experts will use this information to help determine the best course of action based on the program’s foundations. Members are invited to complete the “free consultation” form found on the official website in order to take advantage of this free consultation.

The prices are not listed on the official website. However, after looking through reviews online we were able make an estimate of how much the program would cost.CouldCost. We based our findings on the costs of starting the program.For 14 weeks, it was approximately $2,500

On one of their Yelp reviews, a few reviewers talked about what they had paid for the program. A previous client stated that she paid $2,500 to lose 30 pounds. Another said that she was quoted $2,500 for 14-weeks. However, she could split the cost into installments if she couldn’t afford it upfront. Nearly all the online reviewers stated that they were quoted approximately $2,500 for the 14-weeks.

What is New England Fat Loss?

The company claims that they use cutting-edge technology to tailor a plan to balance hormones, help you lose fat, and keep your weight off quickly.

They list four key points about how the program works on their website: proper nutrition, education on weight loss times and realigning and boosting metabolism. Finally, balancing hormones to achieve your goals.

The dedicated professionals at the center will assist you with any questions you may have about what foods to eat, how to lose weight and how to maintain it for the rest of your life.

From one reviewer online, you will take vitamin drops each morning, followed by logging every food you eat in your journal — averaging about 500 calories a day at first. The program will text you every day to hold you responsible for your actions. Members are required to attend routine weigh-ins in order to discuss and record your progress.

Facts that you need to know

This is not a diet program, as they have a customized approach that unlocks your body’s potential to lose fat. Members will no longer be restricted to fast food and take-out. Instead, the nutritionists, coaches and doctors will create a guideline that will allow you to eat what foods you like without restricting your freedom to eat them.

This program does not require you to exercise to achieve results. Instead, the experts use a personalized approach that will suit each person’s unique metabolism and body. The experts will use specialized equipment to conduct a complete body examination to determine the best course of action.

According to the website, many clients lose between 20 and 40 pounds in just five weeks.

New England Fat Loss Reviews

We gathered both the good as well as the bad information online through Yelp.

Postives Negatives
Many people were able lose the weight that they promised, as long as the program was followed. The food journal was not checked by anyone.
You will feel better and have more energy. The messages sent by text were predetermined and did not feel personal.
Some locations offer accommodating staff. Advertisements claim that a doctor does not “follow” you.
The weight loss “guarantee” Site experts are “questionable” about their credentials.
You will receive personal support and an environment that is not group. It is not a “diet” for life.
You don’t need to buy premade food or do any exercise. It felt like a sales pitch during a consultation.
After trying many programs, the only program that worked was this one. It seems that the “high tech” scan is a joke.


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