The Truth about PT-141: How It Works, Who Uses It, What The Side Effects Are


PT-141, a novel peptide hormone treatment for men and women, improves sexual function. PT-141 is a highly effective treatment that treats both erectile dysfunction in men and increases libido for women. It also improves the sexual arousal disorder of females in women. PT-141 acts directly on the nervous system to increase sexual desire, arousal and satisfaction. The PT141 peptide will give you the desire, motivation, and the ability to increase bloodflow to the penis, vagina, and clitoris. This will return the intimacy and passion to your relationships. These issues can be addressed by PT 141 to resolve sexual problems.

Nov. 6, 2003 – A brand-new sort of impotence medicine that is supplied by nasal spray shows guarantee in very early clinical trials. Rather than straight affecting capillary in the penis as the presently offered medications do, the unique therapy targets the mind– especially, the region of the mind that regulates sexual reaction. In a Thursday morning press conference, officials with New Jersey maker Palatin Technologies Inc. stated they plan to study the therapy in males who either do not reply to or can not take Viagra or in a similar way acting drugs for erectile dysfunction. They likewise prepare to evaluate it for sex-related disorder in women and are searching for a company companion to help them create as well as market the medication, now called PT-141.

Low Doses May Cause Side Effects

Extra trials of the drug in guys with erectile dysfunction are set up for conclusion late in 2006, and the company hopes to win FDA approval within the following year. If that happens, PT-141 might be the first medication approved for erectile dysfunction that acts on the main nervous system. An additional central worried system-acting medicine, Uprima, was slated to become the very first real competitor to Viagra till its manufacturer withdrew its application for FDA approval in the summertime of 2000. According to information accounts, one in 30 men that took the optimum dosage of Uprima fainted or experienced serious reduced blood pressure therefore.

Harin Padma-Nathan MD, a urologist and researcher on impotence, said that low blood pressure was not a side effect of the 271 men who took part in the PT-141 trial.

He stated that PT-141 was clearly different than any other centrally acting agent.


He said that the side effects of PT-141 at the lowest doses were similar to those seen with Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, which are all expected to be approved for treatment of erectile disorder. The blood flow to the penis increases, creating an erection.

PT-141 is in a new class of drugs that works on the part of the brain involved in sexual function.


High Doses of GI Problems

The men in the PT-141 test that took the highest possible dosages of the medication did have an unacceptably high incidence of gastrointestinal side effects, including queasiness. These negative effects represented almost all the 12% failures from the test. One researcher declares future studies won’t include higher doses.


All participants had mild to severe erectile problems. They had all taken Viagra before enrolling and were well-received. The men used PT-141 nasal sprays at least three to five times. Some reported improved erections as much as 10 times.


One in 10 men who received placebo treatments reported repair of normal erectile function, compared to about one in three patients treated with the lowest dosage of PT-141 and also one in 2 clients treated with the greatest dosage.


Carl Spana PhD, CEO of Palatin Technologies, stated that men who take part in future studies will start at the lowest dosage. If necessary, dosages will increase gradually to minimize side effects.



The company is likewise preparing medicine communication researches evaluating the safety of PT-141 in men utilizing nitrate medications for cardiovascular disease. These patients should not take Viagra or similar drugs, according to Spana.

He says, “We don’t have any reason to believe that PT-141 would interact with nitrates.” This is a significant advantage.


Ira Sharlip MD, a San Francisco urologist who studies new impotence treatments, told WebMD that it was too early to tell if the drug would be an effective treatment.


He says, “Right now, in the United States, we have Viagra and Levitra. I expect that Cialis soon will be available.” These drugs are effective, but not perfect. They are not for everyone, so it is attractive to have a drug that has a different mechanism of action.

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