Slim Thick Bodies Are In This Winter, Here’s What You Need To Know About Them

slim thick
slim thick

How to Get a Slim, Thick Body

Beauty trends are constantly changing in this age of instant gratification. Do you remember 2012, when everyone wanted a perfect curve? Those days are gone. Celebrities and pop stars are putting in a lot of sweat, blood, and tears to get the’slim-thin body’ they desire. Kim Kardashian West, the star of this body, brought it into fashion. Is it possible to have a curvy, yet slim body without expensive surgeries? This article will show you how to slim down and build a thicker body.

What is a Slim Thick Body?

Gone are the days of women chasing a perfect hourglass figure or a wide hip gap. Combining two of these features is now very popular.

Urban Dictionary defines slim thick as a girl who has a small body but big thighs and a large booty. This physique also implies a slimmer waist and flat stomach.

It’s very attractive, doesn’t it? This body type has a unique feature that combines the best features of slender and curvy bodies with those considered less attractive, such as a flat belly or rounder stomach. What does this mean in practice? It’s not so encouraging. Building a thin, thick body is a difficult task regardless of your body type. There are still ways you can get the body of your dreams.

Everyone’s dream of weight loss is to lose pounds by the hundreds without having to go through the pain. What if we told ya that the BetterMe app could make it happen? Stay in top shape by using our weight-loss workouts, budget-friendly recipes, and body-transforming challenges.

How to Get a Slim, Thick Body?

Because you have to treat each body part individually, this physique is difficult to attain. This means that you need to be careful about how you manage your diet and exercise in order to prevent fat accumulation in your belly. These are some general guidelines for a slim and thick body:

Stay Hydrated

Water offers many health benefits. Water is vital for normal body functions. Water is essential for the proper functioning of your body. It provides nutrients, oxygen, and maintains a normal body temperature. It improves your skin condition, lowers blood pressure and relieves joint pain (8-2, 4, 9, 9). The National Research Council states that adult women should drink approximately 2700ml per day.

Water is also essential for weight loss. The amount of calories you burn while you rest, also known as resting energy expenditure, has been shown by research to rise by 24-30% in a matter of minutes when drinking water. Additionally, a higher fluid intake can reduce your appetite and prevent you from gaining weight.

Weight training is key

Cardio is not the best way to get a slimmer, thicker body. Running on a treadmill can help you shed body fat. You’re likely to lose fat on your stomach, but that is not what your goal is.

Weight training is a great addition to your exercise routine. Weight training (also known as strength or resistance training) is a physical activity that aims to increase muscular fitness. It involves exercising one or more muscle groups against external resistance. This could include free weights, weight machines or your own weight. This allows you to train only certain muscles and not the others. To tone your quads, hamstring and legs to get a slimmer look, while keeping your butt fat at bay, you can do this. You can also tone your glute muscles by doing weighted exercises to isolate them. This will help you build muscle in your butt without straining your quads or calves. To get as thin as possible, you can do a variety of isolation and compound exercises.

It aids in weight loss due to excess post-exercise oxygen intake. You don’t stop consuming calories after weight training. Your body will continue to burn calories even after you have finished your workout. This is why athletes can consume a lot of calories each day. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn in a single day.


Be smart with your cardio

Another aspect of slimming down is having a smaller waist and flat stomach. Although it might seem like an easy way to slim down, hundreds of crunches or ab exercises are not the answer.

Cardio exercise can help reduce belly fat. This is a popular method for fat loss and building lean muscle throughout your body. You need to be careful about what cardio you do if you want thick legs and butt.

You don’t have to run long distances if you want to jog and run. Instead, sprint short distances. You will have a stronger and more fuller body, while burning belly fat. It is obvious that sprinters have strong legs and thicker bodies, while distance runners tend to be leaner. Sprinting takes less time than running at a moderate pace on a treadmill. The best exercises for sprinting are the ones that you run the “straights” and “curves” on a track at your fastest speed with a one-minute break between each rep.

Slimming down and sculpting your body

This 10-minute workout will help you build a slim, thick body. Between sets, you should take 20-40 seconds to rest.

  • Squats

This is the basic movement, but it can help you make your legs and butt stronger 

  1. Place your feet slightly apart while standing straight.
  2. While tightening your abs, bend down to a position that looks like you would want to sit in an armchair.
  3. Keep your head up and your back straight. To balance, extend your arms outward.
  4. For a few seconds, remain in this seated position before returning to the starting position.
  5. Standing, don’t stiffen your knees.
  6. Continue the movement for approximately 35 seconds.
  • Left and Right Oblique V – Ups

This exercise targets your core muscles and is suitable for beginners.

  1. On a yoga or exercise mat, place your right side down. Your body should remain straight. Place your left leg on top of your right. Your knees can be bent slightly. Do not roll back. Proper form is important for this exercise.
  2. Your left hand should be behind your head. Your palm should touch your head. Do not push against your head. Your hand is there to guide you.
  3. Now activate your core, especially the obliques. Lift your left leg off the ground and simultaneously lift your upper body off of the floor. Your leg and arm should be moving towards one another. When your leg is fully extended, your elbow should point towards your knee.
  4. For a few seconds, hold the position and then reverse the motion by lowering your left leg and upper body towards the mat.
  5. Do this for 30 seconds on your right side and then for 30 seconds on your left side.

You want to create a attention-grabbing bubble butt. Burn fat from all the wrong places. Spring-clean your diet. Turn back the clock on your skin. Increase self-confidence. Set this plan in motion.

  • Tip Toe Glute Bridge

Glute bridges not only work on the glutes but also the hamstrings and lower back. This variation is interesting.

  1. Begin by lying down on your back, knees bent, and heels high so that your toes and feet touch the ground.
  2. Push your heels towards the ceiling by pushing your feet forward.
  3. Next, squeeze your butt for three counts and then slowly lower your body to the ground.
  4. Continue for 40 seconds.
  • Plank Hip Rotation

  1. You will start in a plank position. Your elbows and toes should rest on your shoulders. Your legs should be straight with your feet together.
  2. To keep your body in a “plank-like” position, make sure your legs are straight from your feet to your head. To do this, tighten your quads and lift your kneecaps above your thighs. Next, squeeze your glutes together. Finally, brace your core by pressing your elbows into the floor with your elbows.
  3. Your body should remain rigid. Now, twist your right hip towards the floor. Keep your form as good as possible. Turn your left to return to the plank position. To avoid straining the lower back, keep tension in your core.
  4. Continue for 40 seconds.
  • Bird Dog

This exercise will strengthen your butt, thighs and abdominal muscles.

  1. You will need to find a surface that you can kneel on and has enough space for your leg and arm to spread simultaneously.
  2. Your knees should be bent at the hips. Brace your abdominals.
  3. One hand should be lifted and the other knee slightly above the floor. Balance on the other hand and knee while keeping your weight centered.
  4. Once you feel confident and ready to move to the full range of motion, simply point your arm straight out and then extend the opposite leg in front. Keep your hips straight and your hand parallel to the ground. If you feel your lower back is sagging, lift your leg as high as possible while keeping your back straight.
  5. For a few seconds, hold the position and then return to the starting position with your hands and knees.
  6. Continue for approximately one minute.
  • Russian Twists

This exercise will strengthen your core, obliques and spine 

  1. Place your feet flat on the ground and straighten your legs.
  2. To activate your core, lean back slightly and brace your abdominal wall.
  3. Balance here and twist your torso side to side. Do not move your legs.
  4. For approximately 40 seconds, perform the following.
  • Sit ups

Sit-ups target multiple muscles including the chest, hip flexors and lower back.

  1. To stabilize your lower body, lie down on your back and bend your knees.
  2. Next, cross your arms so that your hands are on the opposite shoulder or behind your ears. Do not pull on your neck.
  3. Lift your upper body up towards your knees and exhale as you do this.
  4. Slowly lower yourself and then return to the starting point. Take a deep breath and slowly lower your body.
  5. Continue for 40 seconds.
  • Jumping Lunges

This exercise targets quads and hamstrings as well as glutes and calves. You can also incorporate it into your cardio workout 

  1. Start with a forward lunge. Start by standing with your feet at hip width apart. Next, take a big step forward until your knees bend at 90 degrees. Keep your torso straight and upright throughout.
  2. You can now summon your energy and propel yourself off the ground. Switch the position of your legs as you fly so that you are able instantly to drop into a second lunge, but this time with one leg forwards. Make sure you land softly.
  3. Continue for approximately 40 seconds and then take a break.


This is how you can achieve a thin, thick body. Don’t expect to have a Kardashian-like body. Instead of setting unrealistic goals, strive for a healthy and fit body. To achieve the best results, eat a healthy and balanced diet. You can choose from the following diets: Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Keto and Keto.

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