Lose Weight After Gallbladder Removal: 4 Steps To Follow

weight loss after gallbladder removal

The treatment for painful gallstones is usually to have the gallbladder removed. This procedure is known as a cholecystectomy.

Your gallbladder stores bile which is produced by the liver.

Bile is necessary for the digestion of fatty foods. The liver still produces bile to digest fats, even if the organ is removed. Instead of being stored in your gallbladder, the bile will continue to drip into your digestive systems.

Gallstones may be linked to diet. Rapid weight loss and obesity are both risk factors for gallstones. Gallstones can also be caused by consuming a high amount of refined carbohydrates and calories but little fiber.

The gallbladder will not affect your digestive system. Although the surgery can affect your weight temporarily, lifestyle changes may be able to help you lose weight or maintain it over the long-term.

Will gallbladder surgery cause me to lose weight

It’s possible to lose weight after having your gallbladder removed. The following could explain your weight loss:

  • Eliminating fatty food.You may experience difficulty digesting fatty foods after surgery. This will resolve over time. Your surgeon may recommend that you avoid high-fat or fried foods until you are able to digest them properly.
  • A bland diet.You may find that spicy foods or foods that cause gas are good options for recovery.Gastrointestinal upset. This could make it difficult to eat your favorite foods.
  • Choose smaller portionsYou may be restricted from eating large quantities of food for a few weeks following surgery. It is likely that you will be instructed to eat smaller meals less often.
  • Recovery.Traditional surgery is better than modern.Laparoscopic surgeryYou may feel more pain and discomfort after surgery, which could lead to a slower recovery period, which can impact your appetite.
  • Diarrhea.Gallbladder surgery can have side effects.Diarrhea. After a few weeks, this should improve.

You might eat fewer calories during this period than before the surgery. You might lose weight temporarily if this is the case.

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